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Slimelord "The Delta Death Sirens" 12"

  • Slimelord "The Delta Death Sirens" 12"

Description via Dry Cough:

"Slimelord slithered forth from the bogs of Yorkshire in 2019, bringing tales of amphibious demons and swamp dwelling witches, set to the perfect backdrop of murky, raw, old school death-doom.
Their savage ravings caught the ear of Dutch label, Seed of Doom, who saw fit to commit the resulting recordings to tape, in the hope of preserving these aural abominations as a warning for future generations. Word quickly spread across the Atlantic, with Sewer Rot also deeming that the citizens of North America should take heed of these heinous audio offerings. Both labels issued, and promptly sold out of, 100 cassettes each, as more and more folk desperately sought to hear the myths of Amphibia and the Delta Death Sirens, whilst slowly banging their heads to the accompanying swamp-sodden death-doom.

These 200 cassettes are now much coveted by those lucky enough to snag one, and highly prized by the rest of the death metal underworld; so to prevent this valuable artefact being lost to the passage of time, Dry Cough will be pressing 300 copies of a new mix of these harrowing recordings onto swamp green vinyl, early in the year 2021.

Once again, the filthy, oozing sounds of death within, shall be bound with the beautifully sinister artwork of A. Nagamasa."