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Lexemes "Barbarous Refinements" CS

  • Lexemes "Barbarous Refinements" CS
  • Lexemes "Barbarous Refinements" CS

Instrumental noise butcher of quixotic soundscapes based in Gorham, Maine.

LEXEMES has crafted a bleak ambient portrait of madness, with each composition rooted firmly in equal parts self-depreciation and moral decomposition. Drawing inspiration from bands such as NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, THE JESUS LIZARD, CHRISTDRIVER, and MÜTIILATION, the music for this release has evolved into a unique blend of disquieting ambient noise and chaotic instrumental metal.

"Barbarous Refinements is about my descent into mental health crisis brought on by misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical side effects, and the chaos that resulted in the near unraveling of my marriage, career, and life in general. The Barbarous Refinements are the things we do to ourselves in order to improve us no matter the damage they inflict." - N.C. (Lexemes)

Track Listing:
1. A Fractured Smile That Dies Too Soon
2. Spotting The Thread
3. One Less Thing To Worry About
4. On Being A Scarecrow In A Birdless Field
5. Cacoethes
6. Cordon Sanitaire
7. This Isn't Happening
8. The Moment Has Already Passed
9. Barbarous Refinements

Limited to 100 on black shell cassettes imprinted with gold ink housed in a Norelco box. Digital download included.