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Klanen/Mnima/Celestial Sword/The Oracle CS

  • Klanen/Mnima/Celestial Sword/The Oracle CS


A new pact of darkness arrives with this joining of four entities, three of which we welcome back into the fold. Klanen returns from their splits with friends in Ceremonial Crypt Desecration and Saiden which we released for a new track "Fall From Grace". Μνήμα, who we just released two cassettes, returns with two new songs of black metal noise. Celestial Sword, fresh from their new full length and collaborations with Upir that we released on cassette (with LP version coming soon) provide a three part opus and new ally The Oracle concludes the release with their dark, ceremonial and ritualistic electronics across a two part hymn.

Artwork by Ainul Iblis

Limited to an undisclosed amount on white and black shell cassette tapes shipped randomly to customers with J-card artwork design housed in a Norelco case.