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Helm of Saga "S/T" CS

  • Helm of Saga "S/T" CS

Description via Perished Soil:

"Perished Soil is honored to release the debut cassette by American Black Metal band Helm of Saga. Both majestic and stern in their execution, Helm of Saga ushers in a new wave of romantic Black Metal art to strike down the plethora of flaccid bands that continue to gnaw on the traditions of Black Metal like vermin.

Wielding a sword from the heavens with absolute conviction, Helm of Saga unleashes mighty riffs, contemplative harmonies, and impassioned calls for battle and honor over five prideful tracks. Claiming a spiritual kinship with the fervent French hordes like Nécropole and Cénotaphe, Helm of Saga brings that same ferocity to the Americas like a god of war. ALL HAIL HELM OF SAGA!"