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Elder Devil "Graves Among The Roots" CS

  • Elder Devil "Graves Among The Roots" CS

Description via Medusa Crush Recordings:

"Grind as all hell... all hell is for the sinful.

Those of the dark are used to this.

The caustic reality of man, a retraction to the Old Way of being. The grind is both furious and very stark; the members of Cabin Fire and Keeper/Plastic Bag Facemask that make up Elder Devil see to it. It is a very unkind dark, one that punishes by design. The tale woven throughout ‘Graves Among The Roots’ delving into the chasmic drama of 1600 colonial America, religion, fanaticism, and downfall. Odes of despair and hopelessness written of their plight and ultimate swan song.

After deciding to capture the essence of various sources and inspirations for a studio project outside their other bands, Steven and Jacob set out to mean business. Drawing on movies such as ‘The Witch’ and ‘Antichrist’, with styles ranging from bands like Cult Leader and The Secret, Elder Devil’s debut EP strikes a chord and leaves many ligature marks."