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Crucifixion Bell/Krieg split CS

  • Crucifixion Bell/Krieg split CS


The pupil and the master. The initiate and the tutor. Our next release highlights both the contemporary and the pillar of what USBM has provided the world.

Crucifixion Bell have, in but a short time, amassed a number of recordings, from EPs, splits, to their first full length "Eternal Grip Of The Nocturnal Empire" which we were lucky enough to release on cassette last year. Harnessing the feeling and sounds of such luminaries as Profanatica, Judas Iscariot and Crucifier, the lone
entity The Astral Serpent provides 3 new tracks and a cover of a USBM icon.

Krieg should need no introduction, but if we must: founded in 1995 by Neill Jameson (Imperial) the band has released a plethora of full lengths, EPs, and splits
during their time of activity. The first three new tracks since 2018 split with Cleveland's Integrity, Krieg reintroduce themselves ahead of multiple new projects,
continuing their role in providing the blueprint for new black metal to emulate.

Limited to an undisclosed amount on white and black shell cassette housed in a Norelco case with 5-panel J card and slipcase.

EU version available from Death Prayer Records.